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I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little.

-New York City’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg on “Stop and Frisk.” (x)

 87%- the percentage of those stopped in 2011 under Stop and Frisk who were black or latino.

33%.- the percentage of the NYC population that is black or latino.

106%- the rate at which black men, aged 14-24, were stopped. This means that the number of black men who were stopped in the age group is higher than the number of total black men of this age group in New York City. This means that many black men were stopped multiple times. 

90%- the rate at which those who were stopped had done nothing wrong.

In contrast, white people who were stopped were twice as likely to be carrying a weapon and a third more likely to be carrying some form on contraband.

Fuck you, Mayor Bloomberg!