Anonymous: Thank you for your blog. I like to hope that you answering all these pointless racism 101 questions is keeping some of these people off black blogger's pages and giving a little relief where it's needed.

Anything I can do to help. :-)

Anonymous: Both sides are at fault. Gain some perspective. That's all I'm saying.

Fuck the police. Gain some context of institutional racism. That’s all I’m saying. 

variations: Are you in or near Ferguson? I only ask because some of your posts seems almost as if you were there. I hope you are managing to stay safe. If police are teargassing entire neighborhoods, there is no way to know where they will stop.

No, I’m not in Ferguson. 

veeeens: Do you know if there are any cops in Ferguson who have refused to stand with the rest of the department? I so desperately want to believe there is at least one good, decent human being on that police force...

No, there haven’t been. And remember, in a town that is 2/3 black, the 53-officer police department only has 2 or 3 black cops. 

In my opinion, the entire department should be fired. 

Anonymous: I'm not sure if you have anything about the voter registration drives but I saw a piece about it and the GOP backlash on one of my other blogs politicsalamericana. Local GOP chair called it "disgusting"

Yes, I have included two tweets I think about people doing voter registration at the protests! I think it’s fantastic!

jegibbs: I love how some one wants more quality of reporting when they obviously don't or have ignored the free press reporting on the war against the free press. I am sure it is hard as hell to report everything when tear gas is being shot at you/ you are being harassed by the police. For all this shit that is going on, there really is some good in depth on the streets (even shitty phone recordings/photos) of what all of us not there can't see behind the lines.

turbowaddle: I've done some research on everything going on in Ferguson and the other shooting in stl. Nobody I know actually knows what is going on and I WANTED to write something to educate them but I feel that I don't know enough to convey everything properly. The 2-3 people I've heard mention it at all don't even know the basics about the Mike Brown case. They're just considering it the purge and leaving it at that. I'm not very good at writing and getting my point across, would you be willing to help?

I’m glad you want to get the word out on this! 

I’d be happy to help with your writing, although I have been pretty busy. My suggestion- organize it whichever way you want. Don’t think about how it “should” look, or worry about it being at all “formal.” It’s not like you’re submitting it to a newspaper or for a grade in school. You can do whatever you want. Start by making a list of points you want to cover, and go from there. 

zenweasel: It is my opinion that the mainstream media is completely ignoring the suppression/arrest/harassment of journalists as documented in your feed. What do you suggest can be done to pressure these outlets to tell the whole story?

Trying to influence mainstream media is very difficult. That’s why we rely on independent and social media. Eventually, when we cover it enough, the mainstream notices. Case in point- Ferguson.

Anonymous: do you know if that amazon wishlist to help the protesters over at ferguson is legit?

Not sure, but my guess is no. 

attack-on-art3mes: do you know anyone selling "hands up don't shoot" buttons? preferably ones whos profits go directly to helping the people of ferguson

Haven’t heard of any.

Has anyone else found something like this??

Anonymous: I really appreciate how you have kept us informed on Ferguson. Please continue, it's blogs like yours that help spread the word to call out injustice. Love, An Admirer

Thank you, admirer!