There are two GoFundMe pages that have been raising money for Darren Wilson.

One of them is run by Shield of Hope, a charity associated with the local police union in Ferguson.

The other seems to be run by a random, anonymous “teenage girl from the St. Louis area.” 

This person, whoever they are, has raised over $235,000, and has “not received certified status from GoFundMe.”

Their identity has not been confirmed, although the VP of Shield of Hope, who provided this information, says he was told about her age by police officials who had met the girl to thank her. 

It is not yet clear what will be done with this money.

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It is now 3 weeks since Michael Brown was murdered by Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. Officer Darren Wilson still has not been arrested, charged, or even brought to prison or court for the murder of Michael Brown.




his advisors also told him they’d wait until he shut down all his social media and get out of town before his name was released to the public.

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My friend Maddie is calling out the guy who raped several of her classmates, and this is the kind of response she’s getting! This is a brave and difficult thing to do, so please stand by her!